Situated in a beautiful amphitheatre among the hills, completely covered with vineyards, Cordara’s wine-house has its own lands in the area of Castel Boglione, a village in the high Monferrato at 260 metres of height above sea level.
Currently, it consists of 6 hectares, entirely planted with local varieties which find their best expression in this area of the High Monferrato.
This is due to the features of the soil (terroir) and to the particular microclimate that is affected by the influences of nearby Liguria.

6 ettari




We produce only around 20,000 bottles per year.
Our wines have a strong personality and they reflect sincerely their land of origin.
The optimal exposure of the vineyards, the drastic reduction of the yelds per hectare and the eco-friendly cultural techniques are essential to obtain high quality grapes.

The process of vinification, which takes place later, is aimed to preserve the original characteristics of the product.
Our purpose is to create the right balance between tradition and innovation.
Robert Stevenson wrote: “Wine is bottled poetry”.
We would like to say that wine is the result of hard work, passion and tenacity.
Doing this job involves knowing how to breathe tradition, loving nature, dedicating care and attention to it all year round.

It is possible to book a wine tasting in the cellar.