n 1860 Sebastiano, our great-great grandfather, decided to buy a farm (20 hectares) and a small house in Castel Boglione. With the help of his wife and his son Lorenzo, he was able to build up a great property called “Tenuta Imprendino”. They produced excellent grapes and most of the wine was sold to traders; during local market days the wine was also directly sold and transported to consumers by a horse-drawn car-riage (which actually had the shape of a big barrel) called “tumbarè”.

Great-grandfather Lorenzo and his wife Angela had 4 children and the last to arrive was my grandfather Sebastiano, born in 1903. At the age of 19, Sebastiano married Giuseppina Spertino from Calamandrana and they had 4 children. Among them only my father Lorenzo was de-voted to agriculture and in particular to viticulture production.

My father obtained excellent wines, which were also recognized by the world press. In our Enoteca, constructed in 1976, gold medals and awards are exposed as symbol of the intense and passionate work that has been done during the last decades. In this hard work Lorenzo has always been supported by my mother Fely, a strong and brave woman with a sensitive and educated spirit.

After my grandparents passed away, their property was divided among their sons; nowadays I (Claudia) run around 5 hectares of excellent positioned land. In my cellar, built by my father, I produce and put in bottle only wines from local varieties.
My products are sold mainly to private consumers and specialized wine shops and distributors as well.
I studied viticulture and enology at the Institute of Enology in Alba and with my experience and my roots I feel fully devoted to continue the passionate work developed by past generations. In my attempt I am supported by my first-born son, Thomas, who dedicates himself to the care of the vineyards.

This history has been created by my mum Fely, with the help of my dad Lorenzo who still has an excellent memory.